Chili Hot & Sweet Collection

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Pepper Hot & Sweet Collection
Capsicum annuum

Sweet and mild to fiery and hot

Try these more unusual sweet peppers and mild to hot chillies. Great to spice up salads, salsa and stir-fries. Best grown in a greenhouse but can also be planted outside in a warm, sunny, sheltered spot. Sweet Banana (Sweet) - fruits grow to approx. 20cm in length and are thick walled, ideal for stir-fries and salads. Corno di toro rosso (sweet) - fruits up to 25cm long with a mild flavour and thin walls, great for eating raw or stuffed. Fresco (hot) - thick skinned fruits grow to 7cm in length and can be picked at any time, perfect for rice and salsa dishes. Jalapeno (hot) - smooth thick walled, 7cm fruits are superb for pizzas, chillies and other spicy dishes. Purple Beauty (sweet) - blocky peppers 10cm long, with thick walls, a mild sweet flavour and a great unusual colour. Red Cherry (hot) - cherry shaped fruits averaging 3cm in length, good for Mexican and other hot dishes.

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