Pumpa Fatboy

35 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Marrow Fatboy F1 Seeds

Up to 20kg fruits!

Marrow Fatboy F1 is an exclusive addition to our Exhibition Vegetables range.  We believe that with the very best growing conditions specimens of 20kg are achievable.  The new, traditionally striped variety is also heavy cropping if a larger number of smaller fruits are required, and it can also be picked at the 'baby' stage to provide delicious courgettes.

Fatboy F1 may not be the most stylish or subtle name given to a marrow, but this exclusive introduction to our 2015 season certainly lives up to its title, according to our trial ground manager, Brian Talman.  "Our biggest specimen weighed in at 11.4kg (25lb)", says Brian, "and that was with no special care or attention, on top of a drier than average summer.  With an earlier sowing and the type of feeding exhibitors offer their best plants, I believe our Fatboy could easily have put on another 5kg before it was harvested".

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