Poppy Black Beauty

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Poppy Black Beauty
Papaver somniferum[Hardy Annual (HA)]   [Suitable for Attracting Bees]   [Suitable for Attracting Butterflies]   [Full Sun]   [Suitable For Cutting]Sumptuous double black peony-like flowers

Incredibly glamorous with sumptuous double black peony-like flowers, lovely silvery leaves and the best architectural seedpods I grow. Sear the stems ends in boiling water for twenty seconds and the flowers will last a couple of days, but it's really for the pepper-pot seed pods that I grow it in my cutting garden. The bees and butterflies also love it. Self-sows.

Height: 90cm (3ft) 
Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).
Habit: Tall, Upright.
CAUTION: Harmful if eaten

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